2017 Enhanced CD/DVD. Download/Streaming also available.

“Dolennu (v) [Doh-Len-Nee] Welsh, to loop: enfold, encircle, arrange in a loop…”

Thus Wales-based looping ensemble, Dolennu, explain their moniker on their self-titled debut CD/DVD release, inspired by the work of Terry Riley and Steve Reich – and heralding the return of the extraordinary Zyklus.

Just listen to the CD and watch the accompanying DVD media for this titular metaphor to come alive in your ears and eyes. Because this is ‘twisting’ music: a sinuous spacey fusion of jazz, funk, rock and electronica that spins, spirals and worms its way into your inner being.

With Steve Roberts (Magenta, Noddy’s Puncture) on drums, band founder Warren Greveson (Neil Ardley, Zyklus) plays synthesisers looped to the violin of Billy Thompson (Paraphernalia, Mike Westbrook) aligned to image/sound sculpturist Maurice Lock’s interpretative video loops as featured in the album’s bonus DVD.

Five huge, sprawling tracks here journey into sonic other worlds in  a wholly immersive trip helmed by a collaboration of some of contemporary jazz’s most innovative players and interpreters.

Billy Thompson Gypsy Style – The Eberle Sessions.

2015 Audio CD. Download/Streaming also available.

Billy Thompson Gypsy Style – The Eberle Sessions is the latest CD.  This album was recorded at Thompsound Music and features Billy Thompson (violin), Karen Street (accordion), Andy Mackenzie (guitar), Eryl Jones (guitar/mandolin) and Greg Robley (bass).
The album also features special guest appearances by Ivor Aldred on Harmonica for Bluesy Isaac and also John Wheatcroft on Guitar for Billy’s track Teigr Lily, Jeff Beck’s Scatterbrain and Django’s Micro.Billy Thompson Gypsy Style - The Eberle Sessions Audio CD

  1. Teigr Lily
  2. Avalon
  3. Gypsymania
  4. Bei Dir War Es Immer So Schön
  5. Scatterbrain
  6. No One Knows
  7. Bluesy Isaac
  8. La Vie En Rose
  9. Micro
  10. Appel Indirect/Limehouse Blues
  11. Right Then Yous
  12. Chaque Fois Que Je Ferme Mes Yeux
  13. Romanian Folklore
  14. My Favourite Things

Billy Thompson Gypsy Style –

2009 Audio CD. Download/Streaming also available.

Billy Thompson Gypsy Style – Live was recorded at a performance in Llay for the North Wales Jazz Society. The CD features Billy Thompson (violin), Andy Mackenzie (guitar), Eryl Jones (guitar/mandolin), Phil Gardiner (guitar) and Dave Turner (double bass). Three of the tracks can be seen and heard on the Video Footage page.
Front and Back cover of the Billy Thompson Gypsy Style Live Audio CD

  1. Coquette
  2. All of Me
  3. Danse Norvégienne
  4. Oh Lady Be Good
  5. Swing for the Gypsies (Joseph Joseph)
  6. Manha De Carnaval
  7. Minor Swing
  8. Alom a Szememen
  9. Caravan
  10. Blue Drag
  11. 2 The Night

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Here are some other recordings on various media:

Amledd – Cyfnod Cyntaf.

2006 Audio CD. Download/Streaming also available.

Billy Thompson & Peter Lemer – Players of Games

2003 Audio CD. Download/Streaming also available.

Billy Thompson’s ‘Kwik Kuts’

Here is the compilation track from the home page again with the full list of tracks featured below:

  1. Theme tune written by Billy for an S4C TV show looking at the history of the Romany Gypsy tradition in Wales.
  2. An excerpt from ‘Date of Birth’, a track written by Billy on the looping CD Looper’s Delight Volume IV.
  3. An excerpt from ‘Son of a Gun’ by Barbara Thompson’s Paraphernalia. From the Never Say Goodbye album.
  4. Teigr Lily written by Billy. Track one from The Eberle Sessions.
  5. Violin solo from Amledd‘s ‘Rhosys Cochion’.
  6. ‘Scatterbrain’ by Jeff Beck from The Eberle Sessions.
  7. Violin solo overdubbed to Orbital’s Lush 3-2.
  8. String section from ‘Bod ar Wylie’ by Amledd
  9. ‘Can Mabon’ violin solo (using baritone violin moving to regular violin for the second half) from Amledd‘s Cyfnod Cyntaf album.
  10. ‘Right Then Yous’ violin solo from The Eberle Sessions.
  11. ‘No One Knows’ by Queens of the Stone Age from The Eberle Sessions.
  12. Excerpt from Barbara Thompson’s Paraphernalia’s ‘Bulletproof’ from The Last Fandango album.
  13. Violin solo from the same ‘Bulletproof’.
  14. Violin solo from ‘Lullaby of Birdland’ internet session with Accordion player Eddy Jay
  15. Violin solo from ‘La Vie en Rose’ from The Eberle Sessions.
  16. Violin solo from Tango 1 from Barbara Thompson’s Paraphernalia’s Thompson’s Tangos album.
  17. Violin ‘Head’ to Peter Lemer’s ‘Regga Ragga’ also from the Thompson’s Tangos album.
  18. Violin solo from Amledd‘s ‘Myfanwy 2’.
  19. String section from ‘Bring me Back’.
  20. ‘Viente Anos’ by The Amigos playing Buena Vista style.
  21. Romanian Folklore violin solo from the Amigos’ album ‘Alma Gitana’
  22. Violin solo to ‘Mood Indigo’ from Billy’s album with Guitarist Andy Maule Iff & Butt.
  23. Play out to ‘My Favourite Things’ from the same album.
  24. Violin solo to ‘Tonight’ from Ana Gracey‘s unplugged album.
  25. Spooky strings from a session at Danny Chang’s studio.
  26. The ‘6 was 9’ by Andy Maule. Free violin solo.
  27. Rock violin solo from a session at Danny Chang’s studio.
  28. The end to ‘Date of Birth’, the track written by Billy on the looping CD Looper’s Delight Volume IV.

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