Billy is equally at home playing large venues and music festivals as he is playing at private parties of all descriptions… Solo or with fellow band members there have been performances at Weddings, Renewals, Bar Mitvahs, Bat Mitvahs, Birthday parties and even Funerals… Billy has done them all!

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What style of music can I bring?

Billy Thompson Gypsy Style have a huge repertoire of music. The band can also be broken down into a smaller act if required. So this can range from Jazz duos or trios to a full blown 6-piece party band.

Solo, Billy can play a huge range of music including Classical, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Folk and more… Here is a songlist of tunes Billy performs solo with high quality backing tracks: Songlist.

With Eryl Jones in the band the scope goes even further. Eryl Jones is not only a highly talented guitarist and mandolin player but also a very fine vocalist.

So, a recent wedding at Plas Gwynant had Billy and Eryl (or ‘Elj’ as he is known locally) playing acoustically as a duo after the ceremony. Then, later, joined by Andy Mackenzie (guitar) and Greg Robley (bass) they raised a storm playing a mixture of tracks specifically requested by the bride as well as tried and tested tracks the band know work a treat at parties. So, Disney’s ‘King of the Swingers’ was played along with some Tom Waits, some fast gypsy tunes, some ballads, some high quality folk music and so on… Elj even had his banjo with him in case we felt the evening needed some bluegrass – a style the band are highly skilled at also.

Plas Gwynant7Billy&Elj


Another classic example was the time when The Amigos were asked to be the main support to Tom Jones’ homecoming concert in Pontypridd some years back… Billy was an integral member of the Amigos at the time having played on three studio albums and helping raise the band’s profile during his time in Cardiff.

Along with entertaining the 25,000 strong audience and receiving a good write up in the local paper, the band had been asked to play backstage for the ‘VIPs’ in the hospitality tent… After all this the band went straight back to Cardiff to play at a wedding in the MacDonald Hotel!

Weddings and moreThere are numerous reviews and further detail on Billy’s advert.

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