Tuition with Billy Thompson at Thompsound Music.

Hello and welcome to the tuition section of my website. For over 15 years now I have been sharing with human beings from ages 3 to 83 the many skills and abilities that I have picked up over the years.

Both online AND one to one lessons are offered on the violin, mandolin, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele and drums.

One-to-one lessons are offered either at my home studio Thompsound Music in Bala, Ty Siamas in Dolgellau, through the Gwynedd Music Service (Gwasanaeth Cerdd Ysgolion Gwynedd a Môn) or ONLINE.

Online we can use either Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, Messenger or Facetime. There is a slight time delay online which makes playing together near impossible but an enormous amount can be acheived. For the online option, the ability to print at home would be ideal – or a method of reading PDF files your end.

I tailor my lessons specifically to the student’s needs and either provide materials myself or recommend specific books. Taking exams are completely optional but can be a good form of structure for some students.

Lessons can be taught in the medium of English, Welsh or French. My linguistic ability is in that order but I am fluent in all three.

Intruments/Subjects offered

My specialist subject is the VIOLIN. Specifically violin technique and improvisation. This I have taught from absolute beginner level through to a Post-Grad student in Jazz at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. I am available to teach the violin in ALL styles. I am keen to focus on technique in order to facilitate the playing of whatever style the goal is.

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A common second instrument for violinists is the MANDOLIN which I began playing around 30 years ago when I formed my first band.

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I also record and teach (to an intermediate/advanced level) the GUITAR. I have played the guitar since I have played the violin and have taught the guitar in various styles. I am confident in teaching the following styles: Rock, Classical, Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Finger Picking and Song Writing. Should I feel you would be better served by one of my esteemed colleagues you will be informed thusly!

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Since joining the music service in Gwynedd back in 2009 I have also taught the Ukulele, Electric BASS and DRUMS. In my studio I have a TAMA Superstar Hyperdrive full kit and also a Roland TD11V electric kit. I also play and teach on a Fender Jazz Bass both fretted and fretless. I am confident in teaching these instruments to an intermediate standard and have done since 2009. The bass and drums have become a passionate hobby of mine in recent years.

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I have also been playing the piano since very young and am happy to teach this up to around Grade 3 standard. I play the piano/keyboard most days either at schools or at home. Largely for writing but I recently fell in love with Golden Slumbers by the Beatles so taught myself how to play that (and to sing it at the same time).

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Other subjects taught

Doing what I can do I am also able to offer Music Theory Lessons from basic functional harmony through to improvising in Jazz.
Help also offered for those who need to pass their grade 5 theory with the ABRSM for example.

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At Thompsound Music (the name for my studio/business) I have been using Apple Macs and Pro Tools since 1998. Visit the Thompsound Music website to find out more.

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