Tuition with Billy Thompson at Thompsound Music.

Hello and welcome to the tuition section of my website. For over 15 years now I have been sharing with human beings from ages 3 to 73 the many skills and abilities that I have picked up over the years.

Both online AND one to one lessons are now being offered (at time of writing 21.03.21) with all due precautions in place.

I have received Covid 19 Health & Safety training from the Gwynedd and Anglesey Schools Music Service.

The main action points are:

  • Lessons will take place in a room large enough to maintain a distance of 2m2
  • The room will require a window that can open so that fresh air can circulate.
  • Each tutor will have a portable protective screen to be used in the lessons.
  • Each tutor will have PPE equipment as well as cleaning and sanitising products.
  • Each tutor will be cleaning any equipment in between students e.g. chair/stool/music stand/piano keys/door handles/screen etc
  • Each student will need to wash their hands before and after the lesson.
  • A detailed register will be kept that can also be used for tracking and tracing purposes
  • Each tutor will discuss the importance of keeping the instruments clean

One-to-one lessons are offered either at my home studio Thompsound Music in Bala, Ty Siamas in Dolgellau, through the Gwynedd Music Service (Gwasanaeth Cerdd Ysgolion Gwynedd a Môn) or ONLINE.

Online we can use either Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, Messenger or Facetime. There is a slight time delay online which makes playing together near impossible but an enormous amount can be acheived. Ideally, for the online option, the ability to print at home would be ideal.

I tailor my lessons specifically to the student’s needs and either provide materials myself or recommend specific books. Taking exams are completely optional but can be a good form of structure for some students.

Lessons can be taught in the medium of English, Welsh or French. My linguistic ability is in that order but I am fluent in all three.

Intruments/Subjects offered

My specialist subject is the VIOLIN. Specifically violin technique and improvisation. This I have taught from absolute beginner level through to a Post-Grad student in Jazz at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. I am available to teach the violin in ALL styles. I am keen to focus on technique in order to facilitate the playing of whatever style the goal is.

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A common second instrument for violinists is the MANDOLIN which I began playing around 30 years ago when I formed my first band.

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I also record and teach (to an intermediate/advanced level) the GUITAR. I have played the guitar since I have played the violin and have taught the guitar in various styles. I am confident in teaching the following styles: Rock, Classical, Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Finger Picking and Song Writing. Should I feel you would be better served by one of my esteemed colleagues you will be informed thusly!

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Since joining the music service in Gwynedd back in 2009 I have also taught the Ukulele, Electric BASS and DRUMS. In my studio I have a TAMA Superstar Hyperdrive full kit and also a Roland TD11V electric kit. I also play and teach on a Fender Jazz Bass both fretted and fretless. I am confident in teaching these instruments to an intermediate standard and have done since 2009. The bass and drums have become a passionate hobby of mine in recent years.

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I have also been playing the piano since very young and am happy to teach this up to around Grade 3 standard. I play the piano/keyboard most days either at schools or at home. Largely for writing but I recently fell in love with Golden Slumbers by the Beatles so taught myself how to play that (and to sing it at the same time).

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Other subjects taught

Doing what I can do I am also able to offer Music Theory Lessons from basic functional harmony through to improvising in Jazz.
Help also offered for those who need to pass their grade 5 theory with the ABRSM for example.

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At Thompsound Music (the name for my studio/business) I have been using Apple Macs and Pro Tools since 1998. Visit the Thompsound Music website to find out more.

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